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Nagoya – Discover Stunning Shrines, Castles, Museums & More

Nagoya is a charming Japanese city with a bustling city centre, delicious local cuisines which are best enjoyed at street food vendors, a mixture of historic landmarks and cutting-edge architecture, dynamic night spots and plenty of interesting museums and galleries. Nagoya is considered to have the country’s best transport network which can be enjoyed properly as it’s rarely crowded. Brightsun Travel has some great value holiday packages to Nagoya which are available all year round.

Nagoya is a sightseeing hotspot with lots of must-visit landmarks. The Atsuta Shrine is one to note, believed to be Japan’s most important Shinto shrine which is home to the Kusanagi sword, one of the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan. Japan’s oldest castle, Inuyama Castle is also located in Nagoya with beautifully-preserved architecture. An afternoon should be spent exploring the Tokugawa Art Museum which displays exhibits, artworks and treasures from former rulers of Japan.

There is lots of fun to get up to in Nagoya. Nagashima Spa Land is a popular attraction here, home to over 40 rides including the world’s longest roller coaster and a thrilling water park. The city’s Osu District is worth visiting with its temples, shrines, vintage boutiques, centuries old shops and flea markets. Then there’s the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens - a haven for nature lovers with fascinating wildlife and colourful plants.

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