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Qatar – An Iconic Country with Historic Charm & Grandeur

Qatar is an immersive country which boasts stunning desert landscapes, architectural marvels and rich Arabic traditions. This Gulf nation is one of the world's most multifaceted countries where you will discover dazzling city skylines, luxury hotels, world-class restaurants and an array of authentic souks. Qatar is also home to plenty of breath-taking natural wonders, including the Ras Abrouq Rock Formations which feature an array of natural limestone pillars in the desert, and the 40m deep Dhal Al Misfir cave which produces a moon-like phosphorescent glow from gypsum crystals. Brightsun Travel offers a selection of luxury holiday packages to Qatar from India, so why not have a browse and start planning an epic country break?

Qatar is famous as a Mecca for exciting outdoor activities in the Middle East. You can take a boat tour on an Omani dhow, watch a camel race at Al Shahaniya, go overnight camping and embark on a desert safari to enjoy spectacular views of sand dunes, sunrises and sunsets that make for fantastic photo opportunities. This eclectic nation is also home to many endangered mammal, rodent and antelope species such as jerboas, dugongs and the Arabian Oryx - Qatar’s national animal, as well as bird species. Visit the Al Thakira Mangroves to encounter migrating birds including flamingos and herons, and head to the Khor Al Adaid, a UNESCO-recognized natural reserve which is home to many rare animal and bird species.

Doha, Qatar’s capital is the most prominent tourist destination in the country. This city boasts various historical landmarks, cultural venues and beautiful coastlines. Here you can visit the Aqua Park to enjoy a number of thrilling rides and head to the Venetian-themed Villaggio Mall to enjoy a gondola ride along a grand canal. You can also visit the Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art to explore more than 6000 artifacts, paintings and manuscripts. Zekreet is another notable town in Qatar famous for its 9th century Murwab Fort and gorgeous Zekreet Beach which offers lots of water sports. Book exclusive holidays to Qatar from India with Brightsun Travel and look forward to the trip of a lifetime!

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