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Europe - Discover an Amalgamation of Cultural Heritage, Natural Beauty and Delectable Cuisines

Europe is a land of vibrant cities, magnificent architectural wonders, famous landmarks and some of the world’s most scenic landscapes. This spectacular continent boasts endless holiday options… Take a shopping tour in London, experience a culinary sojourn in Italy, sip Bavarian beer in Munich, catch an opera show in Vienna or perhaps ride a gondola around Venice - everything is an enticing experience for travellers in Europe. Having lured visitors for centuries with a unique combination of art, history, culture, and entertainment, Europe is an ideal holiday option for all trips, whether you want a romantic getaway, a family vacation or even a jaunt with friends. Brightsun Travel offers cheap holidays to various destinations in Europe, including Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland.

Which city do you want to visit in Europe? You can book a trip to Switzerland and look forward to sampling sweet treats at world-class chocolatiers, taking a cable car to the peak of the breath-taking Mount Titlis and visiting charming villages with buildings dating back to the 13th century. Is France on your bucket list?  Here you can indulge on wine tasting tours, browse fancy boutiques and visit the captivating Louvre Museum which houses the famous Mona Lisa masterpiece. Don’t miss a visit to the country’s iconic landmarks – the Eiffel Tower and the Palace of Versailles. Germany is another wonderful European destination, offering many surprises for visitors. Berlin, the country’s capital, is home to the world-famous Berlin Wall and Holocaust Memorial, as well as a diverse art scene with hundreds of excellent galleries and museums.

Why not book a trip to Portugal? In this beautiful country you can immerse yourself in charming cultures, relax on pristine beaches and sample mouth-watering Portuguese dishes including alheira sausages and fresh seafood dishes, cooked and prepared by expert chefs. Must visits of Portugal include the 700-year-old University of Coimbra and the Church of Sao Francisco in Oporto, both allowing you to dive into the country’s rich past. Head to the Netherlands and visit Amsterdam – a charming European city with lush tulip fields, stunning water streams, quirky museums and vibrant night spots. Brightsun Travel has carefully put together some excellent all-inclusive holiday packages to Europe, so you can have a browse and decide for yourself which city or country you would like to explore.

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