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Cheap Flights To Zurich Brightsun Travel India

Zurich – A Haven of Mega Malls, Natural Landscapes & Ancient Monuments

Zurich is a seriously stylish travel destination, surrounded by breath-taking snow-capped peaks and hills. This major Swiss city is often considered as the most expensive city in the world, renowned for its sophisticated lifestyles, deluxe chocolates and high-end shopping opportunities. Zurich is totally extravagant, but not just because of its opulent appeal... There are fascinating cultures to soak up, world-class dining and adventure opportunities, contemporary galleries and museums to explore, a vibrant nightlife, centuries old churches, waterfront parks, a beautiful lake and gardens and wonderful river cruise opportunities along the River Limmat. The charming Altstadt district is the main attraction of Zurich which boasts cobbled streets and a labyrinth of narrow alleys with chic boutiques, historic cafes and churches, including the St. Peter Church which has the largest clock face in Europe, and Fraumünster, renowned for its stunning stained glass windows designed by Russian artist Marc Chagall. Brightsun Travel offers cheap flights to Zurich, so you can plan and book an immense city break here.

Zurich is an excellent cultural hub of Switzerland, home to an array of fascinating museums. Visit the Swiss National Museum to learn about Swiss cultures and history; the building itself is just as captivating as its exhibits, with a castle-like exterior. The Kunsthaus Zürich art museum is another must-visit which features a collection of temporary exhibits and works by local artists and world-famous artists including Monet, Van Gogh and Picasso. Don’t miss the Beyer Clock and Watch Museum, illustrating the history of time keeping with 300 exclusive exhibits that date back to 1400BC. After exploring the gems of this city, why not go on a day trip? Zurich is an excellent gateway to explore Switzerland’s other beautiful destinations. The spectacular Rhine Falls is worth a visit - Europe’s largest waterfall situated under an hour’s drive from the city. The breath-taking Swiss countryside is also within easy reach, with mountains and lakes to explore and exciting opportunities for outdoor adventures. Book cheap air tickets to Zurich and look forward to an unforgettable trip!

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