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New Zealand - A Haven of Stunning Landscapes and Thrilling Adventures

New Zealand is a wonderful country home to plenty of spectacular natural beauty, from sandy beaches to gigantic glaciers, captivating caves and lush grass-covered valleys – it’s a nature lover’s haven! Some of the world’s most magnificent landscapes are situated here, as well as snow-capped mountain peaks which rise above serene lakes – these are sure to offer a heavenly travel experience. A walk on a real glacier like the Franz Josef Glacier in the South Island and a bath in bubbling mud pools and hot springs will take your breath away in this alluring country. Brightsun Travel offers cheap holidays to New Zealand, so whether you want to escape on a romantic honeymoon retreat, travel as a family group or book a corporate tour, contact us about our latest holiday offers.

If you thrive on adventure, then New Zealand is the place to be. Here you can dive into thrilling activities such as bungee jumping, climbing, skydiving, heli-skiing, paragliding, off-road driving, zip lining and skydiving. Why not enjoy a session of zorbing down a hill? This fun activity will certainly boost your adrenaline levels! New Zealand is also famous for being a water sports mecca’ due to its large network of lakes and rivers which offer endless water activities. Pack your bags and get ready to enjoy endless water-sports, including boat cruises, diving, fishing, sailing, canyoning, rafting, surfing, paddle boarding, and windsurfing.

New Zealand offers its visitors a whole load of wildlife viewing opportunities and encounters. You can go horse riding, stroll through bird and butterfly enclosures in world-famous zoos and walk through transparent underwater panels to view aquatic animals. There are even exciting close-up encounter opportunities with the Giant Sperm Whale here, which is the world’s largest toothed Predator. New Zealand is also a home to different species of penguins, including the world’s smallest penguins which you can watch in their natural habitat - this is a truly rewarding experience. Brightsun Travel offers great value holiday packages to New Zealand all year round, so you can plan the holiday of a life-time and take advantage of the endless possibilities associated with this immense country.  

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