Al Muharraq A Splendid Mix of Sophistication Ancient Cultural Heritage

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Al Muharraq – A Splendid Mix of Sophistication & Ancient Cultural Heritage

Al Muharraq is an immense city in Bahrain which offers a wonderful blend of old and new, from gigantic historic forts and traditional souks to mega shopping malls and world-class hotels. This magical city boasts ancient civilization history, captivating desert landscapes, an expansive skyline and lots of water adventures, including kite surfing, water skiing, wakeboarding and knee boarding. There is so much to discover and experience in Al Muharraq; you can enjoy a camel ride through the desert and stroll around the Al Qaisariya market to browse a variety of local items, including pearls, spices and local handicrafts. Brightsun Travel offers exclusive holidays to Al Muharraq, so you can look forward to planning a memorable trip to this vibrant Middle East city.

Al Muharraq is home to some alluring landmarks and sightseeing destinations. The main must-visit attraction here is the Abu Maher Fort located on Muharraq Bay, which was built to protect Bahrain from invaders. Another renowned tourist attraction in Al Muharraq is the Arad Fort which features incredible battlements, ramparts and Islamic architecture. You can also visit the Busaad Art Gallery which displays an incredible collection of paintings created by renowned local artist Ebrahim Mohamed Busaad. Then there’s the Mohammed Bin Faris House, a museum which showcases the personal belongings of the world-famous Bahraini singer and musician, Mohammed bin Faris. Finally, why not visit the Shaikh Isa Bin Ali Al Khalifa House to admire its ornate wooden carvings and traditional architecture.

Al Muharraq is situated close by to many exciting destinations which offer even more options for exploration. You could take a day trip to the Amwaj Islands, a group of six man-made islands which boast exquisite beaches, fancy fine-dine restaurants and several entertainment venues. From the Amwaj Marina there’s boat riding opportunities to go fishing, and you can also paddle a canoe around the islands and catch a live music performance in the Lagoon complex. Wildlife lovers can visit the Aziza Bird Kingdom to encounter more than 70 rare bird species, including grey parrots, pied kingfishers and silver pheasants. Contact Brightsun Travel to book luxury holiday packages to Al Muharraq and take advantage of the diverse possibilities associated with this charming city.

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