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Tobago is a renowned Caribbean destination which is home to colourful coral reefs, serene beaches and tropical rainforests. This tiny island is a perfect spot for making your dream vacation come true. You can enjoy several activities here including hiking and mountain biking at the Main Ridge, golfing at Mount Irvine Bay Golf Course, swimming around Argyle Falls, turtle watching at Great Courtland Bay, exploring the Tobago Cocoa Estate in Roxborough and snorkelling at Emerald Bay to discover a range of reefs, wrecks and 300 species of coral, including giant tube sponges and starlet corals. Brightsun Travel offers Tobago flights from India, so you can plan the holiday of a lifetime and take advantage of the endless possibilities associated with this immense country.

Tobago boasts many stunning landmarks; the country’s most famous icon is Fort King George, situated in Scarborough. This gigantic fort was built in the 18th century, and it houses large cannons, bulwarks and barracks. This British fort also has a museum where you can discover a rare collection of military artifacts. Head to the charming village of Plymouth to explore another landmark - the impressive Courland Monument, constructed in 1976 by Latvian-American artist Janis Mintiks, representing freedom. Other must-see attractions in Tobago include Fort Bennett in Black Rock and Milford Fort at Crown Point. Brightsun Travel offers cheap flights to Tobago all year round, so get planning now and look forward to exploring some of Tobago’s best attractions.

Tobago is home to plenty of sprawling national parks with lush rainforests and wildlife species. Visit one of the world’s oldest forest reserves, the Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve spread over 3,937 hectares. This reserve is home to more than 160 tree species and several bird species, including olivaceous woodcreepers, blue-backed manakins, yellow-legged thrushes and hummingbirds. You can step inside the Little Tobago Bird Sanctuary to discover exotic seabirds, including red-billed tropicbirds, red-footed boobies and roseate terns. Then there’s the Grafton Bird Sanctuary where you can explore the likes of mangrove cuckoos, mask ducks and peregrine falcons. Don’t forget to visit the Little Tobago Island to spot various other species such as brown boobies, bridled terns, shearwaters and red-billed tropicbirds. Tobago is the perfect bird-spotting destination!

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