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Indonesia - Discover Incredible Historical Edifices & Admire Unique Wildlife

Indonesia is a majestic country in the Far East which is world-famous for its rich cultural heritage, vibrant art scene and awe-inspiring landscapes consisting of scenic walking trails, lush parklands and ravishing beaches with crystal clear waters. Whether you want to learn about Indonesia’s fascinating history, embark on a spiritual journey or enjoy adrenaline-pumping adventures, this diverse country is sure to offer you the getaway of a lifetime. Depending on where you decide to visit in Indonesia, there are plenty of options for exploration; attend a bull racing event in Madura, embark on a safari in Bogor, take a gondola ride at Timang Beach, visit elephant conservation parks, attend a traditional dance performance or step inside the Bangkang Cave to admire stunning stalagmites and stalactites. The Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta is one of the most popular attractions in Bali; it’s the largest mosque in Southeast Asia which features beautiful Islamic motifs. The National Gallery of Indonesia is another icon of Indonesia home to plenty of world-class paintings, ceramics, photographs and sculptures. Brightsun Travel offers exclusive holiday packages to Indonesia, so you can start planning an epic trip to this fantastic country.

Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia is home to a treasure trove of Dutch colonial buildings, stunning historical monuments, state-of-the-art mega malls and high-end hotels. Here you can stroll around the Kalijodo neighbourhood to discover vibrant street art, visit the Jakarta Cathedral to admire neo-gothic architecture and step inside the Ragunan Zoo to spot endangered animal species, including Komodo Dragons and orangutans. Why not take a day trip to the Thousand Islands, set north of Jakarta’s coast with an array of gorgeous beaches and coves. Another beautiful Indonesian city is Bali, a haven of sacred temples, colourful markets, lush rice terraces, cultural centres and pristine beaches. Here you can experience a revitalizing massage at a local spa centre, visit the Hindu Besakih Temple complex to discover ornate carvings and shrines and head to the Bali Museum to discover lots of interesting artifacts, including ancient weaponry and royal jewellery. You can also enjoy thrilling activities in Bali including scuba diving, canyon tubing, snorkelling, kite surfing and white river rafting. Get in touch with Brightsun Travel about luxury holidays to Indonesia and look forward to lots of amazing adventures.

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