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Book a Holiday to Muscat & Explore Stunning Heritage Edifices

Muscat is the charming capital of Oman, which is home to plenty of well-preserved archaeological sites, ancient mansions, traditional bustling souks, taverns and monuments with Islamic architecture. This city also boasts rich cultural traditions, breath-taking landscapes, pristine beaches, authentic fishing villages and alluring museums. There is so much to discover here; you can catch a ballet dance performance at the famous Royal Opera House and stroll around the Mutrah Souq to browse a range of Omani jewellery, antiques, handicrafts, clothes and souvenirs. Muscat also offers lots of opportunities for thrilling water activities, including diving and snorkelling. Brightsun Travel offers luxury holiday packages to Muscat from India, taking you to the heart of this authentic city.

Muscat is home to an incredible selection of impressive landmarks. The most distinguished among them is the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque which features one of the world’s largest chandeliers, intricate carvings and a blend of Omani and Middle Eastern architectural styles. Another must-see attraction in Muscat is the Nakhal Fort which was constructed in the 17th century with an array of huge ramparts and battlements. Then there’s the Al Alam Palace, the Sultan’s ceremonial residence which features gold-plated pillars and gilded doors. You can also step inside the Mohammed Al Ameen Mosque to admire its magnificent domes and minarets. Other excellent tourist attractions in Muscat include the Al Jalali Fort and Muttrah Fort which were built by the Portuguese.

Muscat is renowned for its rich Omani cultural heritage; there’s a plethora of alluring cultural sites to explore here, including the National Museum of Oman that displays a collection of navigational tools, antiques, maps, manuscripts and life-size replicas of ships. Another fantastic cultural venue in Muscat is the Bait Al Zubair Museum which features various weapons, traditional costumes, jewellery, historic stamps and household items. Then there’s the Natural History Museum, displaying a wide range of giant squid specimens, Stone Age tools and fossils dating back 270 million years. You can also visit the Omani-French Museum to discover historical documents, old photographs and models of Omani and French ships. Book holidays to Muscat through Brightsun Travel and enjoy every moment of your memorable trip here.

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