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Adelaide – Admire Natural Wonders & Immerse Yourself in Fascinating Culture

Adelaide is the amazing capital of South Australia and a perfect choice for a getaway. The city boasts a pristine coastline forming some of the best beaches in Australia, a rich history with important landmarks, an endless choice of restaurants and bars, fascinating native wildlife and beautiful rural landscapes in and around the city. Brightsun Travel offers an excellent choice of cheap holiday packages to Adelaide, taking you to the heart of this charming Aussie hotspot.  

Adelaide is a major cultural hub of Australia with a plethora of interesting museums and galleries, including the South Australian Museum which is home to the largest collection of Aboriginal artefacts in the world and the Art Gallery of Australia which has a collection of around 45,000 native and international art pieces. The city also hosts many festivals that celebrate its unique culture, including Adelaide Fringe which produces amazing and creative cultural performances.

Adelaide is extremely accessible; the city is considered as the 20 minute destination as it is believed that pretty much anywhere here can be reached within 20 minutes. There are also some gorgeous landscapes and attractions surrounding Adelaide; particularly notable are the nearby wineries which come with lush rural backdrops and produce some of Australia’s best quality wines. The Upper Reach winery is a popular spot in Swan Valley, set on the banks of the Swan River.

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