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Experience and Enjoy Colourful Indian Festivals with Boundless Merrymaking

Every month of the year is packed with Indian festivals which are celebrated with excitement and lots of dancing, singing and feasting. Be it Durga Puja of West Bengal or the desert festivals of Rajasthan, a trip to India during a festival will leave you spellbound with charm. Imagine a romantic moment of splashing your partner with water colors at Holi, bursting firecrackers during Diwali and enjoying mouth-watering cakes and treats with your loved ones during Christmas. The Indian festivals are a time to celebrate life and are dedicated to religion, culture, music and more. Why not visit Jaisalmer to attend the Desert Festival, which hosts various camel races and contests. What is the craziest event you have ever witnessed? Is it crazier than attending a moustache competition? You can witness this quirky contest here. Another notable Indian festival is the Pushkar Mela where you can take a dip in the sacred Pushkar Lake, discover the world's largest camel fair and buy authentic jewellery and clothes. Brightsun Travel offers festival holidays in India which allows you to celebrate the fascinating elements of Indian cultures and heritage.

The Hemis Festival of Ladakh is one of India’s grandest festivals, in which you will be delighted to discover Lamas dancing to the beats of traditional Tibetan instruments. You could also attend the Puri Rath Yatra in Odisha along with millions of devotees, and discover the magnificent procession of the wooden idols of deities through the streets of Puri amidst thundering sounds of drums and cymbals. Another festival that’s worth attending is the Hornbill Festival, which offers an opportunity to learn about the rich tribal culture of Nagaland and witness traditional archery and wrestling competitions. The Elephant Festival is a fantastic event held in Jaipur where you can witness a colourful procession of elephants adorned with silver and gold ornaments and enjoy various games, including elephant polo and tug-of-war. Finally, no festival trip to India is complete without being a part of the Goa Carnival, a cultural extravaganza of song and music, celebrated in the month of February with street parties and locals dressed in colourful costumes. Book holiday packages through Brightsun Travel to experience popular festivals in India and look forward to a trip filled with lots of fun and local charm.

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