Domestic Breaks to Guwahati A City With Historic Charm

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Domestic Breaks to Guwahati – A City With Historic Charm

Guwahati is a picturesque city situated in the state of Assam in Northeast India, along the banks of the Brahmaputra River with landscapes of forested hills. On vacations to Guwahati you can look forward to stepping back in time at ancient temples, wildlife spotting, browsing bustling markets, and experiencing the city’s eclectic nightlife, to name just a few. You can book cheap Guwahati vacations with Brightsun Travel.

Guwahati is nicknamed as the City of Temples with a plethora of sacred complexes to explore. The Kamakhya Temple is the city’s most famous temple which is also considered to be the oldest and most sacred of the world’s Shakti Peethas, associated with ancient myths and legends. Then there’s the hilltop Umananda Temple, devoted to Lord Shiva; to reach this temple you’ll have to take a river boat ride which makes this tourist experience even more magical.

If you’d like to delve deep into Guwahati’s cultural heritage, we recommend that you add the Assam State Museum to your itinerary. This cultural museum contains local exhibits, sculptures, artworks, folk art, war memorabilia, and much more. Finally, a trip to Guwahati just wouldn’t be the same without taking a day trip to the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary – this superb wildlife attraction is renowned for protecting the Indian one-horned rhinoceros, plus birds and reptiles.

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