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The Netherlands – A Charming Land brimming with Picturesque Windmills & Tulips

The Netherlands is an enticing European country world-famous for its impressive modern architecture, vibrant art scene, rich Catholic history and attractive landscapes which consist of incredible canals, tulip fields, windmills and scenic bike paths. This beautiful country boasts an array of medieval castles, exquisite beaches, serene gardens, picturesque villages and mega shopping malls. Amsterdam, the multifaceted capital of the Netherlands is one of the most prominent destinations to visit in the country, home to stunning historic sites, luxurious canal houses and an impressive skyline of dazzling skyscrapers. Here you can go for a ride in a tram and visit eclectic districts including the Zaanse Schans neighbourhood to explore historic windmills, the Negen Straatjes neighbourhood to browse vintage shops, boutiques and specialty stores, and the Oostelijke Eilanden neighbourhood to step inside a local restaurant and sample a variety of Dutch cuisines and seasonal ales. Brightsun Travel offers luxury holiday packages to Netherlands, allowing you to come and enjoy many epic travel experiences.

The Netherlands is one of Europe’s leading cultural centres that boasts a plethora of modern museums and art galleries, and some of the best are located in Amsterdam. Visit the Joods Historisch Museum to admire a rare collection of historical books, documents, photos and audio and video materials related to Jewish history. Head to the Rijksmuseum to dive into 800 years of rich Dutch history and discover a range of artifacts, including incredible paintings created by Rembrandt and Van Gogh. Another must-visit venue is the Anne Frank House which has several historical documents, photographs and film images related to Anne Frank, a German-born diarist. You can also step inside the Allard Pierson Museum to explore various artifacts related to the Egyptian, Roman and Greek civilization. If you’re a wildlife lover, then visit the Hoge Veluwe National Park, the largest national park of the Netherlands to get up close and personal with unique native wildlife, including red deer, moor frogs and black woodpeckers. Get in touch with Brightsun Travel about exclusive holidays to Netherlands from India.

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