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Discover Addis Ababa, The Extremely Diverse Capital of Ethiopia

Addis Ababa is a wonderful city in East Africa which offers an eclectic mix of ancient history and dynamic cultures coupled with lots of world-class hotels, cosy cafes and trendy bars. From desert landscapes to towering castles and fascinating wildlife reserves, this Ethiopian city will captivate you with its incredible diversity. Addis Ababa boasts plenty of awesome attractions; the most prominent among them is the historical monument of Arat kilo, constructed in the memory of Ethiopia’s liberty from the colonial era. Another site worth visiting here is the 18th century Mausoleum of Menelik II which features white marble tombs of royal kings and various paintings and artifacts. The St George Cathedral is also a notable landmark in Addis Ababa where you can admire paintings, neoclassical architecture and mosaics created by renowned Ethiopian artist Afewerk Tekle. Finally, make sure you visit the Holy Trinity Cathedral which features a large copper dome and murals highlighting various Biblical stories. Get in touch with Brightsun Travel about Addis Ababa cheap flight deals and look forward to the ultimate getaway to this historic paradise.  

Addis Ababa is home to some of Ethiopia’s top museums and art galleries. The main must-visit venue is the National Museum of Ethiopia which is home to 20th-century oil paintings, clothing, jewellery, utensils and traditional weapons; you can also discover some unique exhibits, including a skeleton of Lucy, the world’s oldest fossilized hominid and royal wooden thrones with ancient Sabaean inscriptions. Another fascinating museum worth visiting here is the Ethnological Museum which displays exhibits related to Ethiopia's cultural and social history, including traditional musical instruments, handicrafts and religious icons. You can also step inside the Red Terror Martyrs' Memorial Museum to learn about the brutal atrocities inflicted by armed forces on local people between 1977 and 1978. Then there’s the St. George Gallery, displaying a rare collection of antique furniture, paintings, jewellery, pottery, textiles and candle holders. Finally, make sure you visit the Makush Art Gallery to admire more than 600 paintings and artifacts created by contemporary Ethiopian artists. Brightsun Travel offers cheap flights to Addis Ababa from India, taking you to the heart of this arts and culture hub.

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