About Us

Brightsun Travel are a well-established company providing its customers with an extensive range of travel related services. Whether it’s booking a domestic flight or planning a luxurious international holiday, Brightsun’s team of dedicated travel professionals are at your service 24/7. The company was established in 1986 and over the years has flourished into a successful global business. In addition to two offices in Gurgaon, Delhi, Brightsun Travel also operates from the United Kingdom with an office in Manchester and their head office in Hounslow, London.

Our Products & Services

Over 200 experienced members of staff are employed across Brightsun’s offices. The team is a strong mixture of travel experts and sales agents that work tirelessly around the clock to ensure your travel plans and emergencies are taken care of. Brightsun Travel partner with some of the world’s global airlines and hotel chains to ensure that you receive the best deals when booking your trip. Brightsun can also arrange your transportation including transfers and car hire.

Guarantees & Warranties

Brightsun Travel are accredited IATA Travel Agents, in addition to being members of the Travel Agents Federation of India. Therefore we can guarantee that your travel is in safe and capable hands. Furthermore, Brightsun Travel has also been approved by the Government of India’s Ministry of Tourism.

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