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Planning for Summer or Winter breaks, Weekend and Monsoon Getaways, Festivals or City Trips, Adventure & Safari Holidays? Then look no further! Here you can make your pick of a holiday type to meet your every taste and need.

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INR 2750

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone & Experience a Thrilling Adventure Vacation.

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INR 1995

Experience & Enjoy Indian Festivals with Lots of Memorable Experiences

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Plan a memorable city trip to your dream destination

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Embark on a Fascinating Safari Getaway to Captivating Wildlife Spots

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Escape the Sweltering Summer Heat and Enjoy a Super-Exciting Getaway

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Get Some Winter Sun at our Exotic Handpicked Destinations

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Book a Break During the Long Weekend to Rejuvenate your Body & Mind

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Plan an Epic Escape to Discover Breath-Taking Natural Beauty in the Magical Monsoon Season

Why Choose Brightsun Travel?

Brightsun Travel is a well-established company providing its customers with an extensive range of travel related services. Whether it’s booking a domestic flight or planning a luxurious international holiday, Brightsun’s team of dedicated travel professionals is at your service 24/7. The company was established in 1986 and over the years has flourished into a successful global business. In addition to two offices in Gurgaon and Mumbai, Brightsun Travel also operates from the United Kingdom with an office in Manchester and their head office in Hounslow, London.

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Booking Flights and Hotels with Brightsun Travel

Break free from all the monotony, and travel to a new and blissful destination.

Gone are those days when you had to book a trip from your local cafe. With Brightsun, you can book a luxurious or a budget-friendly holiday right from the comfort of your home. We take pride in being the best tour planner in India. Our packages include tours to North America, India, Middle East, Europe, Caribbean, and every destination on this planet earth.

Brightsun started its journey with a motivation – to make travel bookings easier!

We pay attention to the little details. Curating the best luxury travel packages for avid travellers is our forte. Travel booking in India has never been as easy as this! Not just this, we help you with tourist visa as well.

So far we have planted a smile on more than 2.5 million faces. That’s because we’ve been in the industry since 1986. We’re old, but our team always strives to bring new experiences for travellers. We offer the best technology to make travel bookings easier.
As a reputable and trusted tour and travel company in India, we know what pleases our customers. And we continue to work on enhancing our portal and services every single day!

Curating the Best Holiday Packages for Avid Travellers

Brightsun Travel is known for being the best travel agency for holiday packages. From a sunny side-up experience in Goa to a tranquil temple hopping experience in Bali - we’ve curated each package so that travellers can get a taste of everything the destination has to offer.

Booking Flights Has Never Been Easier!

Booking a cheap flight shouldn’t be a tiring and tough task. Brightsun Travel is not just curating the best packages, but also making flight booking super easy!

We are the most sought-after travel agency for flights. No matter where you’re headed and what airline you prefer - it’s easier to book a flight through our portal.

Making Travelling Fun and Convenient is Our Forte

Brightsun has been around since 1986, and our journey will continue for decades. That’s because we love planting a smile on our customer’s face.

Book your next holiday with us. We promise to exceed your expectations, and make travelling fun and convenient.

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