Dubai -A wonderful fusion of world-class dining, shopping and sightseeing

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Dubai - A wonderful fusion of world-class dining, shopping and sightseeing

Dubai is an amazing city which offers year-round sunshine and once-in-a-lifetime shopping opportunities, as well as remarkable architectural buildings, boundless elegant night spots and outdoor adventures such as skydiving, deep sea fishing, skiing, mountain biking, desert safaris and boat tours. This immense city is a paradise for shoppers with its endless mega shopping malls. Dubai Mall, Wafi Mall, Mall of the Emirates and Ibn Battuta Mall are some of the city’s famous shopping hubs where you can browse thousands of world-class products, from traditional items to designer brands and high street favourites. Dubai is also the ultimate foodie hotspot, offering visitors a variety of authentic Emirati cuisines as well as delectable dishes from all over the world, served in local eateries and fancy fine-dine restaurants. Brightsun Travel has various offers on exclusive holiday packages to Dubai featuring flights with world-famous airlines and a range of exciting accommodation options, from comfortable family-friendly hotels with endless facilities to luxury 5* resorts with private beaches.

Another jewel in the crown of Dubai is the Dubai Aquarium, one of the world’s largest aquariums with an underwater zoo of fascinating marine species. Visit here and enjoy the company of turtles, sharks, crocodiles and more as you walk through the aquarium’s 270-degree glass tunnel. Another fun activity to opt for in Dubai is a helicopter tour, offering breathtaking views of the city and skyline. If you want to spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Wild Wadi Park is one of the best options available. This epic park has various water rides, slides and attractions for all ages. Those into nature can camp out in the Arabian Desert and enjoy a night underneath the stars, feasting eyes on a traditional belly-dance performance around the camp fire. Or why not watch traditional camel racing at the Dubai Camel Race Track? This makes for a really fun and unique day out. Brightsun Travel offers jaw-dropping deals on holidays to Dubai, so get planning now and look forward to the ultimate city break! 

Dubai is a small Arabian country that has its splendour and saga. It is one of the 7 United Arab Emirates where nomadic life and modern metropolis living are both intertwined with each other. The transition between traditional desert life and everyday city life is smooth, providing travellers an excellent opportunity to explore both at their finest. Thus, if you have been planning to visit Dubai from India, you are on the right page. You will learn about world-class Dubai tour packages from India to plan a memorable trip to Dubai. 

But before planning the itinerary, learn about what Dubai holds for you?

City of Sand Dunes and Sand Safari
Dubai is the epicentre of endless dunes and beautiful sand landscapes. Travellers specially visit the country to take a camel ride and witness wild desert safari under the morning sun. For desert safari, you get multiple options, ranging from Sandboards, Quad bikes, camels, and cars. The choice is yours; hence, you can select the best mode according to your budget and comfort. 

Throughout the desert safari, you not only enjoy the dunes but witness the local culture and hospitality. You can ask your tour guide to get you traditional coffee and make you explore the nomadic life and culture associated with it. 

But for such brief experiences, you must have your Dubai Itinerary planned and booked in advance. Consult our travel experts at Brightsun Travel for professional assistance over Dubai trip costs from India. You can expect the best guidance and tour packages on the chart. 

The Best Time to Visit Dubai
Dubai is a beautiful desert city, though. But still, you must plan your itinerary during the best time of the year. To traverse Dubai, winter is the ideal season and much suggested.

Winters in Dubai 
Temperature lies somewhere 19 to 32-degree Celsius in winters. Throughout, the weather remains pleasant with the most rainfall. Heat does not bother you during winters but soothes you during your trip. You enjoy sightseeing and other outdoor activities because the sun does not bother you but instead seems pleasant. 

Summers in Dubai
Summer starts from May and lasts till October, with the temperature buffering from 24 to 43-degree Celsius. You can plan your itinerary during summer, but you will have to struggle a lot to keep yourself hydrated and travel well. 

Shopping season in Dubai
There is another season in Dubai that is most adored. It’s the shopping season which starts from January and lasts till February. Dubai witnesses a flock of shopaholics enjoying the Dubai Shopping Festival this season. The festivals offer 75% discounts on fashion, jewellery, and electronics. 

Must-visits in Your Dubai Itinerary
Tallest Building – Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Burj Khalifa is a true feat of modern engineering, soaring the vertical heights of 828m, and a centre of attraction for travellers coming to Dubai. The Burj Khalifa is located next to the famous Dubai Mall and offers a magnificent view of the city from atop. It has an observation deck on the 148th floor, providing a mesmerizing glimpse of the city. 

The Burj Khalifa adorns many fine dining restaurants and lounges. One can book their reservations there and enjoy the dining while glaring at the whole city from the top. Tickets can be purchased from the observation decks present onsite. 

The biggest mall – Dubai Mall, Dubai
Dubai is a paradise for shoppers and shopaholics. Well, it is pretty understood because it has Dubai Mall. It is the world’s biggest mall with more than 150 restaurants and 1200 shops that offers pomp and shower to shoppers. There is an indoor underwater zoo and a theme park. 

Spending an entire day in Dubai Mall is not at all a tough deal to crack. You can spend your time shopping, ice-skating, and exploring Dubai Aquarium in the mall. Even if the day ends, your desires will not. 

The Dubai Mall is situated right next to Burj Khalifa, and a visit here is a must after experiencing the tallest building in the world. 

Luxury shopping spot – Mall of Emirates, Dubai
Dubai packages from Delhi 
are incomplete without including the Mall of Emirates visit. It is the most revered luxury shopping destination worldwide and in Dubai. The mall has an expansion of 233,467 sqm, with more than 630 brands having their outlets here. The Mall of Emirates has other leisure activities, including VOX Cinemas, Magic Planet, Ski Dubai, Theatre of Rhodes, etc. This place will never disappoint you even after your n-number of visits. 

Beaches in Dubai – Nature’s Abyss 
Dubai has been known for its luxurious vacation destination and embedded splendourOne of the most exciting parts of travelling to Dubai is spending quality time on beaches here. Some famous beaches here are Umm Suqeim Beach, JBR Open Beach, Kite Beach, Mara Beach, and Jebel Ali Beach. 

  • Umm Suqeim Beach – Nearest to Burj Khalifa, this beach is popular among travellers for Insta-worthy clicks. It is also a popular surfing spot in Dubai.
  • JBR Open Beach – The most extensive beach with fluffy white sand and clear turquoise water adorned with a promenade. 
  • Kite Beach – Popular beach for foodies and food lovers. You can spot food trucks in the daytime and evening on this beach. 
  • Mara Beach – For luxurious beach vacations, drop in here and enjoy world-class restaurants, cafés, and shops here. 
  • Jebel Ali Beach – Popularly known for the recreational zone, it is home to the world’s largest harbour. Travellers can enjoy here all types of water sports including diving, skiing, etc. 

Reaching Dubai
Dubai is easily accessible by air from Delhi. You should have a valid passport and a well-planned itinerary to suit your interest, budget, and purpose. Once you have all, search for the flights available from Delhi to Dubai. Many airlines are active between Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi, and Dubai International Airport. The flying distance between Delhi to Dubai is 2,204km. All you have to do is to find the best connecting flights between Delhi and Dubai. You can also take help from Brightsun Travel to find affordable flight deals or book the best Dubai packages from Delhi along with flight deals.

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