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Enjoy Exciting Offers on Nainital Holiday Packages with Brightsun Travel

Located in the Kumaon hills of Uttarakhand, Nainital is a charming hill station known for its serene beauty, picturesque landscapes and refreshing climate. The town is situated around a beautiful lake, which is believed to be one of the 64 Shakti Peethas in India. The lush green hills surrounding the town, dotted with beautiful houses and colonial architecture, make for a perfect holiday spot for nature lovers, adventure seekers and those looking for a relaxing getaway.

One of the main attractions in Nainital is the Naini Lake, which is a natural freshwater body surrounded by hills and lush greenery. Visitors can take a leisurely boat ride on the lake or simply stroll around the promenade, enjoying the scenic beauty and cool breeze. The lake is also surrounded by several cafes, restaurants and shops, making it a popular spot for tourists to relax and enjoy the local cuisine.

For those interested in history and architecture, Nainital has several interesting landmarks to explore. The Governor's House, also known as the Raj Bhavan, is a beautiful colonial-style building located on the top of a hill. It was built in 1899 and served as the residence of the Governor of the North-Western Provinces and later the United Provinces until 1947. The Nainital Zoo is also a popular attraction, housing several species of Himalayan wildlife, including snow leopards, Himalayan black bears, and Tibetan wolves.

Another major attraction in Nainital is the Eco Cave Gardens, which is a network of interconnected caves and hanging gardens. Visitors can explore the various caves, each with its own unique rock formation and experience, and marvel at the stunning views from the hanging gardens. The gardens also have several adventure activities such as rappelling, zip-lining and rock climbing for thrill-seekers.

For nature lovers, Nainital offers several scenic hiking trails through the surrounding hills and forests. The Tiffin Top trail, also known as the Dorothy's Seat, is a popular trail that offers breath-taking views of the Himalayan range and the town below. The Naina Peak, located at an altitude of 2611 meters, is another popular hiking spot, offering stunning views of the Nainital valley.

Nainital is also known for its vibrant local culture and cuisine. Visitors can explore the local markets and shops to discover unique handicrafts, including handmade candles and woollen shawls. The local cuisine is a blend of North Indian and Kumaoni dishes, with specialties such as Bhatt ki Churkani, Arsa, and Baadi. Experience the beauty of pahadi culture by booking an affordable holiday tour package with Brightsun Travel to Nainital.

Nainital is a charming destination that serves as a perfect getaway. Whether you want to relax and enjoy the serene beauty of the hills or explore the local culture and adventure activities, Nainital is the perfect vacation spot!

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