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Oman – A Multi-Cultural Middle East Nation with Captivating Ancient Sites

Oman is an immense country situated in the Arabian Peninsula which boasts heritage towns, ancient souks and rich cultural traditions. This charming land of the Middle East has lots of natural beauty to admire in the form of giant arching dunes, date plantations, towering mountains, underground caves and gorgeous beaches. Oman is also home to an array of religious monuments, archeological edifices, grandeur medieval forts and palaces with stunning Islamic architecture. From impressive desert landscapes to incredible canyons and amazing wildlife reserves, this charming nation will captivate you with its rich diversity. Brightsun Travel offers a range of exclusive holidays to Oman from India, allowing you to come and enjoy many epic travel experiences.

Oman has lots of breath-taking ancient landmarks and natural wonders which make for great sightseeing opportunities and backdrop photos. You could start off by visiting the 17th century Nizwa Fort, one of Oman’s oldest castles which offers 360-degree views of rocky mountains. A particularly significant landmark in the country is the Jabrin Fort where you can discover defensive structures such as holes through which soldiers poured boiling oils on invaders. You can also visit the Nakhal Fort, supposedly dating back to the Islamic era featuring beautiful geometric designs and Arabic inscriptions. Other must-visit tourist attractions in Oman include the Majlis Al Jinn cave, one of the world’s largest caves and the Wadi Bani Khalid, an incredible oasis surrounded by mountain cliffs.

Oman’s fabulous capital Muscat is a memorable destination studded with alluring cultural heritage sites, spectacular landscapes and historic mansions. This eclectic city offers everything needed for an excellent getaway of a lifetime; from unforgettable water sports opportunities to exciting desert safaris and day trips on traditional dhows. There is so much to explore here; you can hike the Jebel Shams - Oman’s highest peak, step inside the stunning Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque which features one of the world’s largest chandeliers, stroll around the Mutrah Souq to browse jewellery and clothes and visit the Bait Al Zubair Museum to learn about the region’s rich past. Contact Brightsun Travel to book luxury holiday packages to Oman and look forward to the trip of a lifetime here.

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