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Book a Holiday to Amritsar to Witness the Golden Temple and Many Other Stunning Heritage Sites

Amritsar is one of the largest cities in Punjab and a major pilgrimage destination for Sikhs, boasting lots of sacred sites and majestic historical monuments including palaces and forts, plus narrow alleys lined with bustling bazaars. This charming city is also home to eclectic neighbourhoods, immense cultural institutions, shopping malls and a melting pot of rich cultures. Amritsar is a very diverse city with monuments dedicated to various religions and other world-class sightseeing attractions. The iconic Sikh Golden Temple is the most prominent religious site in the city which features beautiful floral motifs, ceiling frescoes and an impressive gold-plated dome. The Jalianwala Bagh, a walled garden is another landmark attraction in Amritsar; this is the site where more than 10,000 Indians protesting against the Rowlatt Act were massacred by the British Army in 1919. The incredible Durgiana Temple is also worth visiting, which is devoted to the Hindu goddess Durga, plus the Wagah Border where you can witness a beating retreat ceremony performed by Indian and Pakistani soldiers in the evenings. Brightsun Travel offers Amritsar tour packages, so you can enjoy a great value visit to this city of awesome tourist attractions.

Although Amritsar is associated with its spectacular religious sites, there is so much more to this city. You could explore its treasure trove of superb museum and gallery spaces, including the Partition Museum which is the world’s first museum dedicated to the partition of India in 1947. Here you can admire an interesting collection of letters, photographs, documents and newspaper cuttings related to this significant historic event. The Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum is another excellent institution in Amritsar featuring plenty of miniature paintings, coins and costumes worn by Sikh warriors. The Central Sikh Museum is also a must visit; it’s housed in the premises of the Golden Temple and introduces you to the city’s fascinating cultural heritage with lots of pencil sketches, musical instruments, ancient manuscripts, portraits of Sikh saints and a rare wooden comb of Guru Gobind Singh. Finally, make sure you visit the Indian Academy of Fine Arts which displays an exclusive collection of artifacts, drawings, portraits, sculptures and paintings created by local artists. Book Amritsar holiday packages through Brightsun Travel and look forward to discovering this land of fascinating cultural heritage.

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