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Japan – A Country of Fascinating Contrasts & Cultures

Japan is a unique Asian land known for its beautiful natural landscapes that thrive in the spring with pretty cherry blossoms.  This is a destination of contrasts; the modern side of Japan comes with dazzling skyscrapers, Michelin starred restaurants and an innovative transport network which go side by side with the country’s captivating historic sites and age-old cultural traditions. Brightsun Travel offers a great range of holiday packages to Japan and its charming cities.

Visit Tokyo, Japan’s bustling capital and one of the most colourful cities in the world with bullet trains, neon signs, mega department stores, glistening shrines, temples and cultural institutions.  Or there’s Osaka, one of Japan’s largest cities which is known for its street markets, museums and the stunning Osaka Castle. Osaka is also considered as the culinary capital of Japan with some incredible dining experiences.

Nagoya is another charming Japanese city which is considered to have the best transport network in the country. Nagoya has plenty of futuristic appeal but also has a rich history; it’s believed to be the home of the ancient ninja and samurai cultures. Finally there’s Hiroshima, which was the target of an atomic bomb attack during World War II. There are some significant landmarks here that teach you about this important period in history.

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