Rome The Beautiful Eternal City of Italy

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Rome – The Beautiful Eternal City of Italy

Rome is Italy’s fascinating capital and one of the most romantic cities in the world which boasts some of the most spectacular architectural sites and Renaissance art. This eclectic European city is also home to 3,000 years of cultural and historical heritage, plenty of ornate churches and awe-inspiring Roman ruins. You can experience a lot of great activities in Rome; enjoy a picnic at the lush Borghese Gardens, visit the Trastevere neighborhood to browse a variety of jewellery, perfumes and handicrafts and stroll around the Piazza Navona square to bite into local cuisines, including Roman sandwiches and mouth-watering Italian pizzas. Brightsun Travel offers luxury holiday packages to Rome from India, taking you to the heart of this iconic city.

Rome boasts plenty of famous attractions; the most prominent among them is the stunning Colosseum, the largest amphitheater in the Roman Empire once used for organizing gladiatorial contests. Another site worth visiting here is the breathtaking Pantheon structure which features giant Corinthian columns and one of the world’s largest unsupported domes. The stunning Trevi Fountain is also a notable landmark in Rome where you can admire a marble statue of Neptune with Baroque architecture and throw a coin to make a wish. Finally, make sure you visit the Church of St. Louis of the French which features incredible ceiling frescoes with spectacular scenes from the life of St Matthew, created by renowned Italian painter Domenichino.

Rome boasts a range of superb museums and art galleries brimming with artifacts from the Roman empire and the Etruscan civilization. The main must-visit cultural venue of Rome is the National Gallery of Modern Art, displaying more than 1000 paintings and sculptures created by renowned Italian and international artists, including Luigi Pirandello and Kandinsky. You can also step inside the National Roman Museum, spread over several locations, to discover a rare collection of statues, coins, earthenware and jewellery dating back to medieval times. Another intriguing venue worth visiting here is the Borghese Gallery which displays various paintings created by famed Renaissance painters. Book cheap holidays to Rome through Brightsun Travel and look forward to an amazing city break!

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