Antigua - A Stunning Land of World-class Resorts Charming Heritage Sites

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Antigua - A Stunning Land of World-class Resorts & Charming Heritage Sites

Antigua is a tropical island of the Caribbean which boasts an array of mesmerizing landscapes, comprising of dazzling blue lagoons, canyons, snow-capped mountain peaks and miles of beautiful white sandy beaches. This paradise island is also home to plenty of luxurious resorts, colourful coral wonderlands, vibrant night spots and a rich cultural heritage. There is so much to explore in Antigua; you could hike Mount Obama, enjoy zip lining through lush rainforests, discover the happening nightlife in St. John's - Antigua’s capital, stroll around Popeshead Street to sample authentic Antiguan dishes and take a helicopter tour to enjoy awe-inspiring views of the island’s landscapes. Brightsun Travel offers exclusive holiday packages to Antigua, so you can start planning an amazing trip to this beautiful country.

Antigua has lots of incredible attractions which offer an insight into the country’s rich history. Visit St. John's Cathedral, an iconic landmark located on a hilltop featuring stunning bronze statues. The Nelson’s Dockyard, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is another impressive attraction in Antigua where you can discover several ancient forts. Then there’s the 18th century Fort James, a gigantic fort constructed by the British which boasts weapons and large cannons, as well as amazing panoramic views of the ocean. You can also step inside the fascinating Bat Cave and discover several passages and gaping mouths. Other must-visit attractions in Antigua include the Devil's Bridge and the St. George’s Anglican Church one of the oldest churches in Antigua.

Antigua is a world-famous watersports hub offering an endless range of adventurous water activities, including windsurfing, banana boat riding, kayaking and diving. Cades Bay is an amazing snorkelling spot in Antigua where you can explore plenty of fascinating corals and reefs and colourful marine species, including moray eels and sea turtles. Other fun opportunities in Antigua include stand-up paddle boarding, kite surfing and sailing – the fun options are endless here! We have a great selection of luxury holidays to Antigua from India, so why not have a browse, choose a holiday that suits you, secure yourself a great deal and look forward to a trip that will make all of your travel dreams come true.

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